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  Apex Hemp Oil was founded by three very unique individuals all with very different backgrounds and abilities. Together we make Apex hemp oil and all of our artisan crafted hemp related products. We are located in beautiful Bend Oregon and are growing quickly. We produce the cleanest hemp and CBD oils and hemp related products on the market today. 

          Andreas Wecker Co/Owner is no stranger to perfection when it comes to his passion's in life. Wecker is a former German gymnast who had a long and successful career. He was European, World and Olympic champion. His greatest achievement was the gold medal on high bar at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. There, he beat gymnasts of such quality as Vitaly Scherbo and Alexei Nemov. In 1989 Wecker was named the last East German Sportsman of the Year. 
      Wecker qualified for the German team for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Just days before his events, he suffered a serious shoulder injury where he tore a bicep muscle in his shoulder, ending his career. Today, Wecker is the chairman and founder of Andreas Seed Oils and Apex Hemp Oil co/Owner headquartered in Bend, Oregon and distributed through his office in Germany. 

     JT Taylor Co/Owner,  considered to be the godfather of MMA in Oregon has spent most of his life competing, promoting. teaching in Professional Mixed Martial Art's. Taylor is widely known for his success helping make MMA legal in the state of Oregon with lobbying and help from lawmakers who were not fooled by the agency's boxing industries stronghold. Taylor is no stranger to pain and after a decade of professional MMA fights and thousands of training hours, the pain was really at a point of being unbearable. I kept hearing about CBD and how it's been helping people with inflammation and pain management. I was always against pain meds or even aspirin feeling like it was not a real solution. Taylor quickly started looking and following leads to find the purest form of CBD pain relief. Together with Andreas Wecker and Brian Clark Apex Hemp Oil was founded and the pursuit of a natural non-toxic all natural pain relief was developed and branded. I am really excited to be able to share my experiences and Apex Hemp Oil to anyone looking to add natural pain relief. We take great pride in that we are solvent free, no additives no preservatives and undoubtedly the purest cleanest oil on earth.

  Brian Clark Co/Owner is a California native, he fell in love with industrial Hemp when legalization of industrial Hemp happened in 2015. Clark decided that a change in careers was needed and left a comfortable life in California and headed to Oregon widely known as the Green State in search for a new life in Hemp. Clark has a unique ability to bring scientific research and development of upcoming products and services. Clark heads up our Bulk sales and is instrumental in crop development and processing hemp for our farmers. Clark is dedicated to bringing the purest hemp products to the market and works closely with our dedicated farmers and is passionate in the development of the cleanest purest hemp from seed to table. 

Everyone has a different set of fitness goals, whether you just looking to feel good and have more energy through the day or you're a sports enthusiast looking for optimum health and peak performance. Science shows a healthy balance between diet and exercise is the key to success.We have formulated Hemp Apex Oil to give you exactly what you need to get through the day. We never use solvents, any hidden preservatives and produced with virtually no heat we are able to deliver the perfect blended product with no Bio destruction of naturally occurring CBDs and natural oils. Hemp Apex Oil balance's the mind and body and gives maximum absorption of CBD's through the body by using complete protein's and fatty acids give the perfect delivery system of the beneficial CBDS which have been known to be safe and bring natural healing to the body through the endocannabinoid system. We are so positive you will love our products, it comes with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee. Apex Hemp Oil is all 100% Pure Raw and Natural.

 Apex Hemp Oil

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