Apex CBD Hemp OIL ​The Perfect Balance

      Has been known to Reduce inflammation and relax the mind.
Apex CBD Hemp Oil is nature’s most perfectly balanced plant oil because it has a very healthy 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. In the modern diet, the ratio of Omega 6 to 3 can be as distorted as 20:1 (trans fats, and processed vegetable fats being to blame for this). Views vary, but most agree that the ratio should be between 5:1 and 3:1. We are really excited about this new product and have had amazing results in bringing natural pain relief and relaxing the mind.

Team Apex Success Stories

Cynthia Ward:

   I have been taking APEX full spectrum hemp oil for about a month and have been experimenting with the amount I need to stay pain free.  Usually about 4 times a day, I take 2 drops under my tongue.  In addition to the ever so common shoulder pain, I have also been using it to alleviate a cancer diagnosis and can feel the changes happening in my body as it regulates. This CBD hemp oil has a pleasant earthy taste quite different from others I have tried. It is a beautiful green color which speaks to the presence of chlorophyll. Because it is produced in the ever so amazing Andreas Seed Oil presses. I know it has a very unique ability to deliver pure, clean nutrient dense potential and healing properties. I am so impressed with this product and have also been enjoying the protein powder as a tea. Did I say my dog loves it. Ok, that thought triggered an experiment. I took two pieces of cow heart which I had dehydrated and two pieces of the hemp CBD pressed cakes before it is ground and put each in a fist. I let her smell both and then asked her to choose. She went for the APEX! Cynthia Ward Jan.1 2018


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Apex Success Story 

Ian King

I'm a professional fighter, I work a full time job for a fire protection company on top of training every day. and it's a physical job on both sides of the clock. Today, I walked 48 flights of stairs, across 15 different buildings, carried 37 fire extinguishers down those stairs, and took them apart by hand, put them back together, and carried them back up. Now I'm going to the gym to train for my other job. CBD's are a great anti inflammatory, and replace a pretty steady Tylenol or Ibuprofen usage for me, and give my muscles the relief I need to train hard after working hard. Thank you Apex Hemp Oil.

Chris Evensen

 I am a soap maker living in Powell Butte, OR and recently had the opportunity to meet with the Apex Team. They have asked me to make CBD soap and bath bombs using Apex Oil. Needless to say I am totally excited about this new adventure in soap making and also anxious to try their products. I have devoted my life to outdoor adventure so anything that gets in the way of this is very irritating-as in arthritis! I have suffered with moderately severe arthritis in my neck for 6 years. I have had numerous steroid injections, daily medications such as Celebrex, muscle relaxers and occasional pain meds with severe flare-ups. Five days ago I began using Apex oil under the tongue twice daily. I must say it has given me more relief than any of the other medications I have taken over the years. Also, both my husband and I have rather severe arthritis in our hands(most likely due to constant gripping of those mountain bike handlebars) and topical use of the oil gives much relief and is a part of our daily regimen. If you want to continue to use your body without as much pain and stiffness, I highly recommend Apex products. The bath bombs contain Apex CBD oil and also some of the flour within the bath bomb, as well as a topping on the bomb along with organic hibiscus petals. The bath bombs contain all natural ingredients including baking soda, citric acid, green zeolite clay, Epsom salts, Apex oil and CBD flour, dead sea salt, Rosemary, Pine Needle, Tea Tree essential oils. The soap will contain Apex CBD oil with a generous amount of CBD per bar. Both products will provide a soothing end to an active day! Enjoy!

 Elinda Sutfin

   I am excited to share my story about Apex Hemp Oil. I have worked long hours on my feet for over 20 years. The long hours of a chef life has wreaked havoc on my knees. I have had cortizone shots injected in my knees, take vitamins and krill oil, various muscles rubs, etc. Apex Hemp oil has helped reduce my inflammation by half on my knees. I believe it is a mix of the apex sports cream and investing the apex hemp oil. I am so happy to have found this product. It's pure and natural! Just what I was looking for in my pain management. 
Thank you!
Elinda Sutfin 

Darrick Bruyn  

Few months ago I suffered an excruciating kidney stone episode, that put me in the Emergency Room. It started off with a pain in my back & kidney causing severe nausea. The pain had me howling & cussing with the nurses trying to keep me calm with multiple shots of pain killers. Test showed more kidney stones on deck. After couple days later I had another long night passing another stone. Forward to last Saturday @ work ;that familiar pain surfaced in my back & kidney again & a slight sick feeling but nothing like before. The following Tuesday morning I woke up feeling no pain in my back or nausea; but there was some blood. I went to work that day in beast mode feeling fantastic. I give credit to Apex Hemp Oil for easing this stone passing. Ive been taking this CBD oil product for over a month for joint pain which has also been lessened. Today I tried a CBD waffle & “Hempamatte” cup of tea. Not only was it absolutely delicious but very filling. I could feel the plants energy surging through me as it fueled my work day. Thanks to Apex CBD , I’m actually looking forward to getting back to my passion of Championship Trikke Skking,endurance racing,& Jiu jitsu training & competitions......pain free. 

 Apex CBD Hemp protein powder is loaded with over 50 grams of pure plant based protein's, vitamins, and nutrient's. Add Apex CBD Hemp protein powder to your next shake, tea, coffee or baking recipe to take your baking and cooking to the next level. Our nutrient dense flour adds the power of CBD, fiber, fats, vitamins and is a excellent  source of complete plant based protein. 

 Apex Hemp Oil

- Pure Raw Natural -

 ‎Warren Brooks‎ to Apex Hemp Oil

· December 30, 2017 at 1:02pm · Tualatin ·

About 12 yrs ago i was diagnosed w needing complete shoulder replacement. Then i had no clue what CBD even was. I also lived in a state where it was not an option. Fast forward 10 years I move to Oregon and now have the option of CBD. I have tried every pain medication anti inflammatory and sleep aid there is on the market. Prescription and non prescription. Nothing worked or i felt like a zombie not functioning in life. Once i was introduced to CBD natural medication my life has changed. I still have pain but its manageable now. I sleep throughout the night also. This is all due to CBD. Now im introduced to Apex Hemp Oil. This is by far the purest and best CBD on the market ive used and ive tried them all. If ur in pain especially joint pain check out Apex u wont be disappointed. Wonderful product.

 Fight pain on contact with fast acting Apex Sports Cream. Naturally occurring CBD's give deep soothing relief from sore muscles and reduces swelling to allow for ultimate healing and fast recovery. $45.00 2 oz 


Katie Vanessa Wing:

      I've been using the flour for several months now; I make edibles for my family and myself; and have had amazing feedback & results with: Insomnia, tremors, anxiety, hyper activeness of the mind (it has helped my mind slow down and actually be able to think & connect thoughts), joint pain; I also use this in dog treats. My dog has kidney disease, tachycardia & severe anxiety attacks as well as other dogs who have anxiety and joint pain have been eating treats made with the flour. With just 2-4 days results were clearly seen where dogs were more active than ever before, less barking, less anxiety attacks, less whining, sleeping better at night just to mention some of the feedback I have received and seen for myself. This is ONLY using flour not even the oil in addition. This product has helped me avoid vet trips with my dog & going on anti anxiety/seizure medications. Love this stuff!!

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 Grayson Williams
   Life changing product.
     I don't even know where to begin. Let me just start by saying your product has truly changed my life. Around a month ago I went into a pretty deep depression I didn't know how it was going to turn out because I didn't want help for it I was just going to deal with it. A little time went by and my MMA coach Jason Reinhardt told me about how CBD oil has changed his life. He said it will make your injuries feel better but it will also calm me down and make me less anxious. Well, time went by trying to convince my parents the product won't hurt me and then finally they agreed to let me try it. Since I have been on the CBD oil for a few weeks now I have noticed a huge change. I have been so much happier and I have had people tell me lately I have been a lot happier. That was one of the darkest places I have ever been in my life and your product pulled me right out of that pit. Thank you so much. You truly changed my life.


 Jake Smith:

    As a professional mma fighter, day to day training and living becomes a real struggle. My profession is literally having bodily damage take place on me day in and day out which over time as you can imagine adds up. I wake up sore and go to bed sore, making it almost impossible to fall asleep some nights and get the true recovery needed to train at a high optimal level. Since teaming up with Apex hemp oil products I have finally been able to get the much needed relaxation and recovery for my muscles. I was very skeptical at first but since using the products I am a 100% firm believer that every athlete or even the average Joe working a 9-5 should implement these products into their lifestyle to fully optimize their potential. Better sleep, better mood, all around just living better now. Thank you Apex!   

Amy Taylor:

I am a mom of five that has had two back surgeries, and suffer from joint and muscle pain that interfere daily with my extremely busy schedule. I started using Apex Hemp oil about a month ago; my life has changed dramatically. I can now jump out of bed and 90% of my daily pain is gone.  Since starting Apex, I am back on an exercise schedule, riding my horses regularly and have been sleeping better. It has been life changing for me. I no longer let my pain dictate my daily schedule!


Jason Reinhardt
  ​​My success story with Apex's product
My name is Jason Reinhardt. I am a retired professional UFC veteran /MMA fighter. When i broke my neck fighting for the RSF bantamweight World title my pain level in my back has been extremely high. I have been dealing with Chronic Pain for many years. I've been to doctors literally around World with hopes of getting some relief. It wasn't until 2015 & 2016 i was living and coaching in Australia. I was one of the 1st in Australia to participate in a secret study with CBD Hemp Oil. For the first time since 2001 my pain level dropped drastically when i took the CBD Hemp Oil. When returning to America i tried several CBD oil companies . 9 in total. I could not find any which worked. I'm sure there's some out there...but it wasn't until i was introduced to Apex's products have i received pain relief. Apex was the same color, same smell, same taste as in Australia. It works! I finally found s CBD oil company who truly cares about their clients by making the highest of Quality and not cutting any corners! I can't tell you how appreciative i am for what Apex has done for me. Sincerely, Jason Reinhardt  

 Hear success stories from other Apex Hemp Oil clients . We cold press our oil giving you the most natural, raw, gluten free, vegan, oil and protein powder and products on the market. We would love to hear your success story.